Feb. 26th, 2011

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It occurs to me that at the end of the semester I'm going to have more ceramic shit than I can possibly store. I'm going to have to get my etsy account functional, aren't I. I have no idea where to start with that at all. Blargh.

I spend so much time in the ceramics studio that people have started assuming it's my major, even the security for the building that the ceramics studio is in. It's just so satisfying. Part of what has always appealed to me about printmaking is the production aspect of it - producing a quantity of something, things you can number and line up and compare. My ceramics work has definitely been an area where this tendency of mine, my collector instinct (so easily converted into hoarder's instinct) really comes out. I just finished a series of slab-built and press-molded bowls, and am moving on to a matching set of cups. My mask/face series is coming along well, ten more faces made this week and five more masks.

It's tiring work, but building a series of something is intensely satisfying for me. A healthy way of working out my issues with compulsion, perhaps.


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