May. 27th, 2011

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I went to Bikurious the other day for a haircut. Bikurious, aka Revolutions, is kind of a Montreal institution; a leftist bike repair shop and and makeshift hair salon. The hairdresser there, JJ, specializes in what they call "lesbian haircuts for anyone" - usually short, usually asymmetrical haircuts that could never be mistaken for heteronormative. I told them I wanted my hair cut like Morrissey's, and that is what they did.

It was kind of an event for me. I haven't let another person NEAR my hair with a pair of scissors since I was twelve, when I was (totally non-consensually) given a "boy" haircut, which led to a lot of bullshit and hostility because as a kid I was really androgynous and when people can't peg you as a certain gender they tend to get pissed. So I've been incredibly squirrely about having hair shorter than shoulder-length for a really long time. But now that I do I can't believe I didn't get it done sooner. It looks and feels SO GREAT. I am stoked, yeah!

Work continues to be exhaustive and great. Going to an intensive suicide prevention/crisis intervention training this weekend in Kahnawake. Excited about this.


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