Feb. 8th, 2011

voltairine: (neurological faultlines)
My big piece for ceramics still isn't dry. It's pretty huge, so it's to be expected. But I want to finish it so bad.

I'm so happy with that project, and so unhappy with my work in Urban Clay so far. I took my mask molds and started making these weird, misshappen faces by knocking the casts out of the mold before they are properly set, and then pressing them with my fingers into distorted shapes. Then I glaze them by dripping glaze onto them and letting it pool and smear in and around the mashed-up features of the face. I don't know what it's about, but I think it looks neat, although I'm disappointed in my own lack of substance. Sometimes I hit on ideas that I really like and find fascinating and meaningful and full of opportunities to explore and I approach it with a rigorous, research-focused kind of technique, and sometimes I just throw images and stylistic tricks and whatever against the wall and see what sticks. I'm always more satisfied with the former, but sometimes the latter turns up stuff I really like, and full-on experimentation is a good way of exploring ideas I didn't know I had sometimes. I like to sit down with a ball of clay and start forming out of nothing, meditatively, to see what I produce. Sometimes I make beautiful things, and sometimes I don't make anything, but at least I'm working.

Next week I'll start on my monster pieces, I think. Brain fog is strong this week - this has got to go. Ugh.


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