Feb. 4th, 2011


Feb. 4th, 2011 11:23 am
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NPO stuff has taken a turn for the worse - backlash, I guess, to a group of people within an organization taking a stand against a culture of psychological harassment and dysfunction, but still really upsetting, triggering, and generally shitty.

I want to write more about art stuff but I think I may take a break from processing my thoughts publicly or semi-publicly for a little while? Or, I dunno. Something. Vernissage is coming up for the art matters exhibit, in a little over a month now. Need to start hauling some more ass on the preparations for this.

I did my first print run in litho. My prof was really skeptical about printing on rice paper but I pulled it off and it looks great. Suck it, expectations!
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I recorded a radio ad today at CKUT for the annual memorial march for missing and murdered women. You can listen to it if you want. Yes, that's my voice - no, not the one singing, the one talking. The song I picked is Rae Spoon's "Come On Forest Fire, Burn The Disco Down". Here's an accoustic version of it:

Come on Forest Fire

I'm finally drying the ceramics piece I've been working on for the last few weeks. Timing the construction of the thing so it didn't collapse on itself was a constant battle. But hopefully it will be bisqued soon and no longer such a pain in my ass.


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