Jan. 28th, 2011

oh lord

Jan. 28th, 2011 11:59 pm
voltairine: (zine)
So thanks to the really really free market, I now own my first ever pair of skinny jeans.

I am in art school.

I have skinny jeans.

I am a beer snob.

You guys. You guys. Am I a hipster?


Anyway. Today we did a review of our work to date in ceramics 230. My prof is really pleased with my work this semester, says it's much improved from last semester, which is not really a surprise - the level of financial strain I was under last semester definitely affected my work. This semester, I'm actually eating enough, and can afford things like doing laundry and paying my lab fees, which goes a long way towards how productive I can be! Who knew. The less I have to worry about basic survival, the easier it is to keep up in class, the less alienated I feel, the more energy I have to put in to making awesome stuff. I'm even starting to feel like I might have some business being in university?

Don't worry, I'm not getting full of myself or anything. My piece for the ceramics show was rejected, so I'm not exactly batting a thousand. But two out of three shows for the semester ain't bad, either.

Tomorrow a friend of mine is having a shower. Of babies. Which is to say, a baby shower? I am going to go, and eat cake, and squeal about babies, and not think about art or politics at all.


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