Jan. 27th, 2011


Jan. 27th, 2011 01:04 am
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Last couple of days have been so so busy. I finished the second etch of my litho plate and got it all prepared for printing. This weekend I need to make my paper kit - I splurged on a roll of mulberry paper, very fine rice paper, although my prof wants me to print on rag paper instead. She's never printed on rice paper (!) and doesn't think it can be done with litho, which I feel is probably false. If I can print lino on rice paper I can print litho on rice paper.

I did a glaze firing this morning with another girl in my ceramics class. She gave me a piece of hers to fire but didn't tell me that it was glazed all over. When you're glaze firing ceramics, you can't let any glazed parts of your piece touch anything, because the glaze - which is glass - will fuse to whatever it touches. If you're firing a piece that has no exposed clay, it's a whole production, and I've never actually done that before because it's such a hassle and I don't feel it's worth it. So I put the piece down on a shelf and started the firing, and then she got there at like one thirty in the afternoon (firings start at around 9 am) and was like, "so what did you do about the fact that my piece was glazed all over?" and I was like, "Um. You didn't tell me it was glazed all over?"

I mean: it was covered in stuff. But I thought the stuff on the bottom was white engobe, which is a clay slip and won't stick to anything not-clay when fired.

So I ruined a kiln shelf. I honestly don't feel that this is my fault; I asked her if there was anything particular about the piece and she said no, I should just put it in and start the firing. And some of the spectrum glazes, the white and black ones in particular, are really hard to tell apart from engobe at a glance when they're dry. But I still felt like an ass.

(At least my piece should be fine. So, hah.)

Tomorrow is the jury for the department ceramics show. I have to get up early. Should go to sleep. Didn't sleep must last night - I missed the last metro home, and ended up crashing at a friend's place. Meetings are ruining my life, I swear.


Jan. 27th, 2011 12:23 pm
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The really really free market is today!

Pretty much all my clothes come from free clothing swaps like the really really free market. I'm a fan, and I'm always excited when they happen.

I'm also gonna take a piece in to be juried. Pretty sure I don't stand a shot, but there's no submission fee or anything so I might as well, right?

I didn't head in to school to unload the kiln this morning, because I had a migraine, but it's mostly cleared up now. I almost never get migraines anymore, after a year or so of having them fairly frequently - it's a little unsettling to get hit by one now, a little reminder of the power my body has over my movements and the things I want to do. It's not a reminder I particularly feel like I need.

Getting ready to head out and start the day with some Joel Plaskett music makes me feel good, though. And hey, really really free market! Last time I got a new silkscreening squeegee :D

Through & Through & Through

I like how the women in the video look kind of goofy and embarrassed by how into the song Joel Plaskett gets. Oh, Joel.


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