Jan. 25th, 2011


Jan. 25th, 2011 12:05 am
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my teapot looks gorgeous, but there's a crack on the bottom so it doesn't hold water. There's also a tiny hair crack on the side, so even if I did re-glaze the bottom I dunno how well it would hold up to another firing.

I guess it can be a display piece. And I can always make another - the colours are AMAZING, which is really what I was going for, and I can work the details out. It will just take time, and I've never been a particularly patient person, which has always been one of my biggest challenges as an artist. When you're making some kind of art, shit just needs to take the time it takes, and if it takes a long time then you need to work harder to make up for that, and that is just how it goes.

Wednesday I have a glaze firing. I made two vases last semester, one large and one small, by coil building a simple vessel and then cutting a delicate lattice pattern into the neck of each vase. It was a good exercise in timing and working with structure and gravity. I raku fired the smaller one, which was a gamble (raku firing is a harsh, fast process that tends to break more delicate pieces) that paid off with a GORGEOUS piece, and the larger piece I glazed with a white crawl over bright blue spectrum (which fires to a deep, dark blue colour, not a bright blue at all, but it's still my favorite spectrum). I may submit them together to the juried ceramics show, if they come out well. I mean, I am definitely planning on submitting the raku piece, but it would be nice to have the larger piece along with it.

I worked on one of my term projects for ceramics today - it's a wall-mounted deer bust, like those taxidermied deer heads that gross people put on their walls, with a human face. I'm doing a companion piece in my litho class - a print of a human with a deer head. I'm not sure what it means, but the ceramic bust is frustrating as hell.

Didn't get a chance to roll up and do the second etch of my litho plate (speaking of litho). Hope I don't get shit for it tomorrow. I didn't have shop rags, couldn't get ahold of someone from that class to help me, lots of excuses but it comes down to I was just too goddamn tired to deal with that studio.

Psychiatrist appointment next week. Memorial march coming up on the 14th of February, which I am co-organizing and will be MCing, I guess. Day of remembrance for missing and murdered women, and also for solidarity with Sisters in Spirit, who are holding vigils in Ottawa on the same day in protest of their organization's funding being cut despite the fact that no one else is doing the research they are doing, and we still don't know exactly how many Native women, girls, and Two-Spirit folks are missing in this land, and without that knowledge there's no way anyone can hope to effectively measure the success of any movement to end this violence.

Rargh. Rage. Futility.

Time for bed.


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