Jan. 24th, 2011

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Talked to my beau about my project proposal for the public art class last night. The more I think about it the more my initial idea is just a bad one: for starters, it's kind of mean, and students won't want to participate in something that sort of insults them by implying that they're disingenuous (even if many of them are). For second, visual/facial representations of poverty are tricky to do without it becoming generally icky/being open to icky interpretations, and I don't want to go there.

The beau suggested that I continue with the theme of my Art Matters show pieces, which is (to simplify it vastly) the ways that popular culture represents, appropriates and colonizes the experiences and bodies of the "other" through monstrous narratives and tropes that are disconnected from the historical/legal implications of the term "monster" and the realities that reflects. (IT'S COMPLICATED OKAY. I wrote a paper about it last semester.)

I dunno, is the mask thing faily? I'm scared it is faily. I want to do something that engages the public with issues of appropriation and privilege. But if I end up hurting one person who has experienced the appropriation of some aspect(s) of their identity my project will have failed.

As a person with mental illness/health issues, chronic physical illness, a queer person, a person from a poor/working-class background, I feel that I have experienced appropriation and the harmful essentializing of my identity. But as a white person and a cis person, I also have been vested by society with a huge among of privilege, and privilege loves to appropriate, to claim what it doesn't own. I want to speak as an artist from all of these places, to members of my community, about issues of appropriation.

My friend Katie Earle handled this really well in her exhibit Home On The Range, through reinterpretations of maps and borders drawn by colonizers and a series of amazing silkscreens designed to inform and incite. I hope I can complete this project with half her grace and insight.
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Charlie Winston - In Your Hands

This is such an amazing video, I haven't been able to stop watching it since a friend of mine showed it to me a week or so ago. And that end, jfc, always makes me want to jump up and dance.


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